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Stage Manager: 
Jean-Hugues Feray
Technical Director and Lighting Designer: Glenn Powell
Backstage Coordinator and Logistic Manager: Karen Manucy
Sets, Props: Grosh Scenery, Paris Ballet and Dance, Paris Ballet Conservatory
Extra Set Pieces: Devon Luxton, Julie Luxton, Steve Luxton
Costumes: Joanna Hoke, William Linn, Paris Ballet and Dance
Costumes, Extra Alterations: Erika DeOreo, Janet DeMarco, Christi Keavy Stefanie Wolfington
Head Wardrobe Mistress: Anonymous Volunteer
Make-Up, Wigs and Hair: Angela Gutierrez, Jane Pasley (Eight-O-Eight Hair Salon), Stefanie Wolfington
Music and Sound: Michael Keavy, Kristen Lenihan, Michael Pachelli
Ticketing Set-Up and Coordination: Joseph J. Bucheck III
Online Ticketing: Ticket Leap™
Additional Ticketing, Box Office and Will-Call Coordination: Karen Manucy, Liz Diamino
Photography (All rights reserved.):  Janine Harris, Joseph J. Bucheck III, Julie Luxton
Program Advertisement: Joseph J. Bucheck III, Karen Manucy
Program Cover: Joseph J. Bucheck III
Program Printer: ​Minuteman Press (West Palm Beach)
Program Guide Design, Graphics, Posters, Rack Cards, Marketing Material: Joseph J. Bucheck III
Website and Social Media Administrators: Joseph J. Bucheck III, Jean-Hugues Feray
Front of House Manager, Usher: Tangi Colombel, Michael Keavy
Concessions: Nobel Family (Kids Need More Art)

Thank you to Jupiter High School Assistant Principal Suzanne Smith
…And the students, the stage crew and staff at Jupiter High School.

Thank you to all of the parents/guardians and others (including staff) who have generously given their time to help make productions possible including all volunteers: 
Joseph J. Bucheck III, Mercedes Childers, Cristina Ciolacu, Erika DeOreo, Janet DeMarco, Jodi Flanigan, Barbra Francisco, Agnes Frank, Angela Gutierrez, Lavonda Harris, Stephanie Higginbotham, Nicole Joslin, Barbra Kaplan, Christi Keavy, Michael Keavy. Roxy King-Curran, Kristen Lenihan, William Linn,
Devon Luxton, Julie Luxton, Steve Luxton, Karen Manucy, Jeanette Medina, Lindsay Moretti, Angie Moye, James Nobel, Karen Nobel, Michael Pachelli, Jane Pasley,  Jessica Roberts, Leroy Roberts, Suzanne Rothman, Emily Schubert, Stefanie Wolfington

Thank you to
Liz Oliver and Homewood Suites

Thank you to Sandra Baran (Jupiter Academy of Music) and Alice Culbreath (Grace Notes Foundation).

Thank you to Barbara Castricone at Tulle, and Karina Felix Fedele at Danzin Magazine.

Thank you to James Nobel and Karen Noble at Kids Need More Art.

Thank you to L'Occitane en Provence, Arveda and Vera Bradley at the Gardens Mall.

Thank you to Stefanie Wolfington.

Thank you to Joseph J. Bucheck III.

A special thank you to Karen Manucy for all her extra time, organizational skills and complete devotion to Paris Ballet and Dance.

A very special thank you to Tangi Colombel from Mr. Feray, for "his continued support, positive attitude and eternal patience while always standing by my side!"