JUNE 12, 2017
​Dear Students, Parents, Patrons and Friends,
Words cannot describe how incredibly proud I am of the
Spring Performance. It truly brought tears of joy to my
eyes! Each year, performances continue to get better.
I sincerely hope you are as happy as I am. It is great
to share the experience of your children's development,
improvement and very hard work.

Yes, at Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet
Conservatory, we push our students to do their absolute
best. While fun, often classes and rehearsals may be
grueling and extremely hard work. However, as you saw
this past weekend, every single student brought
themselves to their highest level. They should be very
proud of themselves, as well. Even though many students
will not be dancers, learning life lessons about dedication,
hard work, commitment are valuable ethics they can carry
on to all walks of life.

Thank you to our beautiful guest dancers, Emill
Huememaa, Clair Boutte, Xander Visker and Gillian Yoder. | It was with great pleasure and pride to have them on the stage because they are all former students of mine and the School. When in the area, they still take classes with me! 

​Thank you to Sandra Baran at Jupiter Academy of Music, and​ Alice Culbreath at Grace Notes Foundation​ for the wonderful musicians for the second performance​.

There are so many people to thank! I hope I have them all. These people not only helped out but insured the safety and security of your children. ​Thank you to all of the parents/ guardians and others who have generously given their time to help make production possible including: Robyn Begley, Mercedes Childers, Cristina Ciolacu, ​Alison Colbert, ​Tangi Colombel, Erika DeOreo, Barbara Francisco, Angela Gutierrez, Stephanie Higginbotham, Barbra Kaplan, Christi Keavy, Michael Keavy, Yeni Leyva, Roxanna King, Kristen Lenihan, (Mrs. Lenihan – Kristen Lenihan’s mother), Missy Megginson, Jeanette Medina, Lindsey Moretti, James Nobel, Karen Nobel,​ Emily Stewart, Michael Pachelli, Ashley Walker, and Michaela Wilkinson.

Thank you to ALL my incredible and experienced staff. Their knowledge and experience is unsurpassed. Thank you to Kristen Lenihan for her work on these past performances and her technical help. Thank you to Johanna Ross for being my rehearsal assistance, and with extra choreography​​ and backstage help. She is truly a valuable asset to our School and Conservatory. I enjoy working with her. ​Thank you to Joseph J. Bucheck III for his assistance​ and extra coaching during and after every rehearsal​, backstage help, and everything else he does. His - over forty years of experience, care and passion is another wonderful asset.  

Extra special thanks to Karen Manucy! In all honesty, her devotion on a daily basis helps the school and Conservatory run. I truly cannot say enough great things about her. For many years, Karen has worked by my side looking after the school and your children. None of it could be done without her!

For the record, and it must be stated, these dedicated people who worked on rehearsals and performances did so on a voluntary basis to nurture your children, and share their knowledge and passion for dance with them. These are the things that help make Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory an incredible school. 

​Also, don't forget all the Summer Intensives, Camps and Classes offered. Help your child continue their progress.

Jean-Hugues Feray
Founder and Director

JUNE 10, 2017

Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory's Spring Performance Opens TODAY! The drama of a great ballet, and PREMIERES with Classical, Neo-Classical, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary and Modern styles of dance all showcased Saturday and Sunday with incredible music, wonderful choreography, beautiful costumes. 

Also featured will be former students, dancing in lead, roles, and a Pas de Deux! Tickets are available at the
​door starting one hour before ​curtain. 

JUNE 8, 2017
Yesterday was Audition 1 for The Paris Ballet Conservatory, and Ensemble Advanced Training Program. The room was filled to the brim with talented young dancers wanted to accepted into one the of the best training programs in South Florida!

Thank you Ben Slayen for giving a great audition class. Thank you Olivier Pardina for being an adjudicator.

JUNE 2, 2017
Audition for the greatest opportunity to be taught on a daily basis by leading renowned dance educators including: Founder and Director Jean-Hugues Feray, and NEW  Conservatory Staff additions, Olivier Pardina, and Guest Teachers as Artists in Residence Abigail Simon, Yumelia Garcia, Emilie Shubert with Progressing Ballet Technique, and more.

Paris Ballet Conservatory will offer the advantage of an on-site moderator from Florida Virtual School for academic studies.                                           
...The Conservatory        ​...Ensemble Advanced Training Program

MAY 29, 2017

MAY 28, 2017
Muriel Maffre will be joining the staff for this summer’s Magnifique Ballet Intensive at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts July 3 through 8, 2017.

Muriel Maffre is from Enghien-les Bains, France, and received her ballet training from the Paris Opéra Ballet
School, and Paris National Conservatory where she graduated with a Premier Prix with honors. Muriel danced with the Hamburg Ballet and Monte-Carlo Ballet. She joined the San Francisco Ballet as a Principal Dancer in 1990.

She retired from San Francisco Ballet with a Farewell Gala on May 6, 2007 in her honor. Since then, Muriel has been working in dance education and public humanities with institutions such as the Richmond Art Center, LINES Ballet, Stanford University, the Oakland Museum of California and the Cantor Art Center. 
...Full Bio

Magnifique Ballet Intensive is an extremely huge opportunity for ballet students to train with the best! Magnifique Ballet Intensive would be like receiving top Olympic training from the absolute best people in their ​field!
...And it’s right here in Palm Beach County!

MAY 26, 2017
Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory are proud and very excited to announce internationally renowned Master Teachers Olivier Pardina and Yumelia Garcia will be teaching at this year’s Paris Ballet and Dance Summer Intensive July 24 through August 4. Students have always experienced incredible classes at Paris Ballet and Dance. Now, this summer, Director Jean-Hugues Feray is bringing these special Master Teachers to augment the already existing expertise of  the staff! Be prepared. It's going to be a great summer!

Mr. Pardina will also be teaching at Paris Ballet Conservatory’s Ballet Magnifique Ballet Intensive July 3 though 8 at The Kravis Center for performing Arts. Magnifique Ballet Intensive is a collaboration with The Kravis Center! With its extremely impressive staff of teachers, the “buzz” of Magnifique Ballet Intensive has already reached the West Coast of the US!

MAY 25, 2017
Designer William Linn came in today to personally custom fit evil magician Von Rothbart (danced by Kari Hurmemaa) for this years huge production of “Swan Lake” Suite. Many will remember William’s wonderful creations for The Stepmother in Cinderella, and his elegant, slightly “over-the-top” Victorian look for Mother Ginger in The Nutcracker.

Besides Von Rothbart, Odette will be adorning a brand new look, as well with dozens of swans designed by
Johanna Hoke. Ms. Hoke has created and constructed many other exquisite costumes for numerous Paris Ballet productions. Emill Hurmemaa (Prince Sigfried) will actually be wearing a costume which Director Mr. Feray wore when he danced professionally!

The tireless volunteer wardrobe staff Kristen Lenihan, Angelia Gutierrez, Erika Dereo, Christi Keavey, Julie Jaeger Luxton, and even Karen Manucy have spent countless hours getting everyone fitted, and sewn for all aspects of the June 10 and 11 performances!

MAY 23, 2017 


Keep the wonderful performances memories forever!
Download form and hand-deliver it, along with payable to gmCreative to Paris Ballet and Dance before June 10.

MAY 21, 2017
​The shopping event at Vera Bradley in the Gardens Mall with performances by Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory was a huge success. The crowds were sizable and Vera Bradley was very happy with the turn-out. 

The dancers were exceptional. It is not easy dancing in a mall with all kinds of distractions and a slippery ceramic tile floor. Every one of the dancers handled it all with true professionalism! 

Thank you to Emily Stewart and Alison Colbert for organizing the great event on such short notice. Thank you to Joseph J. Bucheck III for getting together all the marketing materials together. Thank you to everyone who helped including Tangi Columbel, Stu Stewart and Christi Keavy. Thank you to each and every student who helped hand out flyers and cards and being mini-ambassadors for the studio! 

Thank you to all the parents and students who showed up to support the school with their presence. It truly means a lot!

Thank you to Vera Bradley for hosting the event and giving such great discounts to shoppers who mentioned Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory. WE look forward to working with them, and the Gardens Mall again!

MAY 21, 2017
Though on an international scale, the dance world is actually quite small.

Before today's event, when wondering through the mall before a luncheon engagement, Donna Cowen (Reynolds) and Denise Jackson (Sutherland), heard the sound check for Pas de Trois. Both are former principal dancers and were world renowned ballerinas with the Joffrey Ballet. Their careers encompassed performing many works by the world’s leading choreographers including Agnes De Mille, and works set by George Balanchine – himself. They toured internationally including a United States State Department sponsored tour to then, Communist Russia. Like Director Mr. Feray who had an international career, they too worked with the great Rudolf Nureyev. 

They immediately recognized Director Jean-Hugues Feray who danced principal roles with Ballet Florida. The “reunion” continued with Mr. Bucheck who performed with Donna Cowen many years ago when she was a guest artist in two productions with Ballet Arts Theatre which later became Ballet Florida. A feature with of both of her and Mr. Bucheck appeared in Dance Magazine in the day!

Thank you to both Denise Jackson and Donna Cowen for cutting their lunch short, and returning to watch the second performance. Afterwards, both commented on how wonderfully trained the students were, and it was a true testament to the great training and leadership at Paris Ballet and Dance! It will be yet another honor for  Donna as a guest in the audience for the Spring Performance in June.

MAY 19, 2017
Tomorrow is the first costume Run-Through for June's
exciting Spring Performance! The day will encompass:

  • One Classic work, and Premieres and New ​Works 
  • The Most Beautiful, and Exciting Music Ever Written
  • New Costumes: Custom Designed, and Locally Hand- Crafted Costumes – Nearly 270 Costumes in Total
  • One Director/Choreographer
  • Featured Choreographers
  • Three Rehearsal Assistants and Coaches
  • 10 Wardrobe and Backstage Volunteers
  • Guest Dancers
  • Over 100 Brilliant and Talented Young Dancers
It takes a lot to present two nights with two completely different Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory productions!


MAY 16, 2017
From 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM, Vera Bradley at the Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens will be hosting a great event for the Paris Ballet Conservatory. Vera Bradley will be offering 15% Off all sales to people who
say they are shopping for Paris Ballet and Dance. The Conservatory, and Paris Ballet and Dance will present on-stage performances at 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM.

Vera Bradley is world known for it's great selection of ​fine women's clothing, and accessories including eye wear, footwear, handbags, wallets, fragrances, and desk and stationery, and more!They are also know for their philanthropy efforts in the arts and other fields, as well!

MAY 7. 2017
Yesterday, Paris Ballet and Dance’s very own talented Kristen Lenihan gave an in-house stage make-up tutorial to mothers of students in the school. This tutorial was designed to help parents to help their children get ready for performances. People in the “business” know applying make-up for stage is much different than “street” application. Ms. Lenihan has many years of ​experience as both a performer, and as a teacher.

APRIL 30, 2017
Thank you Barbara Cavanaugh from Florida Virtual School for coming in yesterday, on a Saturday, to meet
with parents. She was here for several hours to answer questions about the State's Virtual School system and how it would pertain to students attending Paris Ballet Conservatory.

As announced before, starting next year, Paris Ballet Conservatory will have a Florida Virtual School on-site
moderator. This will be an advantage for students as ​they study dance at the Conservatory during the day.

APRIL 29, 2017
Olivier Pardina is joining the staff of Paris Ballet Conservatory in the Fall. Besides teaching, he will also be a liaison, and assist Mr. Feray in some rehearsals for the Conservatory, and the regular school.

Mr. Pardina it a true Master Teacher, and leading dance educator of the time. His long resume includes: Principal Dancer with the Nice Opera House, Bejart Ballet, National Ballet de Nancy, Paris National Conservatory of Dance, Artistic Director, and Principal Teacher of the School of the Nice Opera Ballet, Harid Conservatory, and ​Principal Teacher of the Pre-Professional Division of the ​Miami
City Ballet School
                                                                                                                               ...See His Extensive Bio

Both Founder and Director Jean-Hugues Feray, and Olivier Pardina have followed similar career paths. Having the same ​brilliant dance education, they both were principal dancers is some of the same companies. Mr. Feray came to the U.S. to continue dancing and to eventually open his own great school. Mr. Pardina came to continue his professional extensive teaching career. This will be a great pairing of extraordinary experience and knowledge for dance students in South Florida.

Also, there are many great things along with his addition to the staff. Yumelia Garcia and Abigail Simon will be Guest Teachers as Artists in Residence. Also, the Florida Virtual School will be the on sight for the Conservatory’s daily academic requirements.

Don’t forget this weekend on April 29, a representative from Florida Virtual School will be here to meet with
parents concerning on-site academics and Paris Ballet Conservatory.

APRIL 24, 2017
Mark your Calendars NOW!
  • April 29: Meet with a representative with Florida Virtual School. See April 6 below.
  • May 21:Audition # 3 for Magnifique Ballet Intensive
  • UPDATE - ​June 7:Audition for Paris Ballet Conservatory, AND Ensemble Advanced Training Program
  • June 10 & 11: Spring Performance
    Tickets are ON SALE NOW!
  • ​June 14: Summer Classes begin for ALL Levels
  • July 3: Magnifique Ballet Intensive begins
  • ​July 24: Summer Intensive begins

APRIL 20, 2017
Ms. Emily Schubert is officially certified for Progressing Ballet Technique. As included in the 2017|2018 Season Announcement on March 26, Ms. Schubert will be returning to Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory -- and will be lead instructor at Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris allet Conservatory for Progressing Ballet Technique, as well as teaching ​other classes. Mr. Feray and staff are very excited for her return!

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for students to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best in classical ballet. She has been known for her creative teaching skills for over 40 years and has trained many professional dancers and teachers’ worldwide. She has experimented with outstanding success the use of muscle memory to improve students understanding of core stability, weight placement, and alignment for over 12 years.

APRIL 17, 2017
It’s every young girl who dances biggest dream!
Congratulations to some of our Level 7 girls for earning, and who are physically ready for their very first pair of pointe shoes. It has taken years of training, dedication, hard work, and many months of pre-pointe work. Keep those ankles and toes healthy dear ballerinas. Mr. Feray and the staff of Paris Ballet and Dance are proud
of you!
                                                                                                                                              ...See Photos on Facebook

APRIL 16, 2017

APRIL 12, 2017
Paris Ballet Conservatory is now on Instragram!
Start following the Conservatory today.

APRIL 10, 2017

APRIL 6, 2016
Florida Virtual School will be at Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory on Saturday, April 29 from 3:00 to 4:15 PM to meet with parents who are interested in the Conservatory. An official representative from the State's Virtual School will be able to explain the impact the Florida Virtual School can have on a student’s education who will also be attending Paris Ballet Conservatory day program.  

​APRIL 4, 2017
It is absolutely VITAL parents and students are familiar with and have read the email which was sent to them days ago! It has all the important information they need to know as to avoid last minute ​questions or confusion!

MARCH 31, 2017
Congratulations Raelin Flanigan, Maia Deoreo, Endia Banks, Juliana Wolfington on their acceptance into BAK Middle School of the Arts. Also, Isabella Gutierrez for being wait-listed in two different majors.

Congratulations Athena Garcia Bracone, Ericca Leyva and Nina Miller on their acceptance into Dreyfoos School of the Arts. 

Mr. Feray and the staff of Paris Ballet and Dance are extremely proud of students who auditioned. Going through this process made them better dancers. ​Much love to all!

​MARCH 27, 2016
Thank you to Olivier Pardina for an incredible Master Class on March 26. Students who attended, shared a
wonderful experience while being taught by one of the leading dance educators of their lifetime. Not only did
he teach a great class but he shared some of his life experiences not only as a teacher but as a great performer. Also, thank you for teaching an extra 35 minutes. That was a great treat!

Bravo to the many students from other 
schools around the South Florida area who felt this class would be vital to their well-rounded dance education!

Mr. Pardina will be one of the teachers along with others 
from France, for Magnifique Ballet Intensive the first week ​of July.

Audition #3 will be April at the Kravis Center for the 
Performing Arts on April 23.

MARCH 26, 2017

Next year, Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory will be broadening training programs, expanding the staff to international proportions, special master classes and much more!  There is so much, great things happening, a special page has been created to see it all!

MARCH 18, 2017
Though it is the beginning of Spring Break, I want to thank all dancers for coming to rehearsal yesterday,
and working so hard. It was a very good day! 

I would like to remind everyone of the Open Master Class with Olivier Pardina on Sunday, March 26. This class is open to the entire dance community of South Florida. It will be a great experience for young dancers to be taught by one of the leading dance educators of the time. It will also be lots of fun! 

I hope you are ready for some truly wonderful things that are planned for 2017/2018 School Year. I will start
announcing them here on our website and on Facebook within a couple of weeks. 

So with the Master Class on Sunday, March 26 and when all classes resume on Monday, March 27, enjoy the time off with your family and friends. Please, have fun and please, stay safe.

Mr. Feray

MARCH 17, 2017

REMINDER. Even though there is Spring Break:
  • Rehearsals tomorrow on March 18
  • Open Master Class with Olivier Pardina on March 26

MARCH 12, 2017
​Spring Break begins this Weekend! The school will be closed until March 25. HOWEVER, as stated in the
Spring Performance Commitment Letter, there will be rehearsals on Saturday, March 18.

Also on March 26, there is a very special Open Master Class with Olivier Pardina. This exceptional class is open to everyone in South Florida!

All regular classes resume ​on March 27.                                                                                      
...See Calendar

MARCH 6, 2017
t was a very busy weekend. 
Saturday, March 4 was the begining of rehearsals for the Spring Performance. The day was packed with two studios full of dancers learning new choreography. They all did an incredible job for the first day as Director Mr. Feray worked in one studio, and Ms. Hurmemaa rehearsed in another. Thanks to Ms. Manucy, everything in the lobby ran like a well-oiled machine. Mr. Bucheck also assisted ​during rehearsals. Starting next weekend, rehearsal days will be longer!                                                              
...See Photos on Facebook

Sunday, March 5 at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts was  Audition # 2 for Magnifique Ballet Intensive. There was an impressive turn-out of talented young dancers who want to experience this first time in the United States, one week, once in a lifetime unique ​opportunity which will take place July 3 through 8.

Thank you to Olivier Pardina who helped Director Jean-Hugues Feray adjudicate the audition. Ben Slayen
masterfully taught two incredible classes. Joseph J. Bucheck III did what was needed. He also was seen filling-in at the Kravis check-in table.                                                                
...See Photos on Facebook  

​Thank you to the Kravis Center, and Miranda Hawkins.

MARCH 3, 2017
It's going to be a very busy weekend for the dancers ​of Paris Ballet and Dance. Tomorrow, March 4 starts the first weekend of rehearsals for the Spring Performance. Sunday, March 5 is Audition 2 for Magnifique Ballet Intensive. Olivier Pardina will again help adjudicate, Best wishes for everyone this weekend!

FEBRUARY 26, 2017
Anticipation is heightened as the cast list for the Spring Performance is about to be posted. There are a lot of great roles, and parts to be had. Everyone dances! Rehearsals also start this month.

The two day performance weekend features Swan Lake Suite, Flower Festival in Genzano Pas de Deux, and two huge PREMIERES created by Director Jean-Hugues Feray. Look for a few very special former students who will be 
guest dancers. Also, there will be whimsical fairy tale themes for the Jazz and Tap sections of the second

  • Audition 2 for Magnifique Ballet Intensive: March 5
  • Master Class with Olivier Pardina: March 26
  • Tickets for the Spring Performance go on sale:
    Mid April

FEBRUARY 24, 2017

Magnifique Ballet Intensive - Audition #2 is two Sundays from now on March 5! Get head shots and first arabesque photos together. 
FEBRUARY 19, 2017
Yesterday's Open House was a great event with so many families in attendance. It was also wonderful to see a large amount of new people who stopped by to give Paris Ballet and Dance a good look. They were
very impressed, as well. Director Jean-Hugues Feray prepared demonstrations, while students performed their Youth America Grand Prix variations. 

Thank you Karen Manucy for getting everything together, and taking thing down and putting them away. Also, thank you to all the parent and student volunteers who helped! Mr. Bucheck was missed but he was performing in Romeo and Juliet the entire weekend with Ballet Palm Beach.

FEBRUARY 14, 2017

FEBRUARY 13, 2017
This past weekend's audition for Swan Lake Suite for the Spring Performance was truly inspiring​. From the youngest to the oldest, everyone worked so hard. It looks like it going to be very, very difficult to choose. Luckily, from Von Rothbart to  little swans, there are many outstanding roles!

FEBRUARY 10, 2017
The In-Studio Audition for the Spring Performance Swan Lake Suite is tomorrow, Saturday February 11. Students Levels 5, 7, 8, 9, Ensemble, and Conservatory ​are required to audition to be a part of the performances.

FEBRUARY 9, 2016

World renowned Master Teacher Olivier Pardina will be ​teaching a Master Class on March 26 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The class is open the the entire dance community.

Mr. Pardina is one of the leading dance educators of the time. He will also be adjudicating Audition 2 and will be teaching at Magnifique Ballet Intensive in July 3 through 8.

FEBRUARY 6, 2016
The Spring Performance in June, takes place on two days with two completely different productions. The Ballet Performance on Saturday, June 10, and will include a PREMIERE ​by Director Mr. Feray - Classical Symphony, along with Swan Lake Suiteand Flower Festival in Genzano Pas de Deux.

The Second Performance on Sunday, June 11 will include Jazz, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Neo-Classical, awith an amazing Disney theme for Tap and Jazz for all Levels. Mr.  Feray will also PREMIERE a new neo-classical work called Je Ne Regrette Rien (I Regret Nothing). The music for this work will be famous classic French songs, and will be a tribute to his home country. It is also a tribute to America who welcomed him, and where he is proud to have built an incredible life while 
giving back, and sharing his passion for dance!

Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory promises to have another incredible performance and is highly recommended! 

The in-studio audition for the Spring Performance Swan
sections will be on Saturday, February 11th.
All students in levels 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Ensemble, and Conservatory are required to audition as there are a lot of different parts in Swan Lake.
  • Levels 5 and 6: 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Levels 7 and 8: 3:45 PM to 4:15 PM
  • Level 9, Ensemble, and Conservatory:
    4:30 PM to 6.45 PM

​JANUARY 30, 2015
After an avalanche of inquiries, Magnifique Ballet Intensive will ​be adding a younger group. This group will consist of a level of fourth and fifth graders ​(entering
by the time ​Magnifique Summer Intensive begins in July). 

These students will also have to audition on March 5. Times will be announced soon for all levels -- SOON!


JANUARY 24, 2017
In just a few weeks, on February 18, a favorite Paris Ballet and Dance 
event will take place. The Annual Open House is an afternoon of socializing, and fun.

It is a great time for parents and students to come together, and just have a good time will mingling with each other. It is also an excellent opportunity for people wanting to give the school a "look over" while meeting the Paris Ballet and Dance's wonderful staff including Artistic Director Jean-Hugues Feray.

This event is FREE, and will feature some great food and snacks, 
drinks, raffles, and in-studio performances
by advanced students. REMEMBER: Everyone is invited, and bring a friend!

JANUARY 22, 2017
​It was a GREAT first audition today at the Kravis Center for Paris Ballet "Magnifique" Summer Intensive. There was a wonderful turn out! It was incredible to see other students from the area who want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity in July! 

Thank you so very much to all the Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory students who auditioned. It truly speaks volumes on how much they
respect and support their school, and in such a great way.  

Thank you to our very special judge Olivier Pardina. Thank you to Megan Dunn for teaching beautiful classes for both levels of the audition. Also, thank you 
Joseph J. Bucheck III for his help doing whatever was needed.

A very special thank you to the Kravis Center for this first-time-in-America Magnifique Ballet Intensive collaboration!

There will be a second audition on March 5. Look for more info coming soon.
             ...See Photos on Facebook

JANUARY 21, 2017
Tomorrow, January 22 is the audition for Magnifique Ballet Intensive to be held for one amazing week from ​July 3 through 8. There have been thousands of ​inquiries about this dance event of the year! 

One of the scheduled judges for this audition is former ​renowned Master Teacher Oliver Pardina. Amongst the listings on his incredible resume are Principal Dancer with the Nice Opera House, Bejart Ballet, and National ​Ballet de Nancy. He is presently the Principal Teacher of the Pre-Professional Division of the Miami City Ballet School.      

JANUARY 18, 2017
Mr. Feray was on CBS Channel 12 this morning to talk about Magnifique Ballet Intensive, and it's upcoming
audition this weekend. The Audition has been announced all over South Florida including World of Dance MagazinePalm Beach Post (Things to Do), Boca Magazine CalendarWRMF Calendar, The Coastal Star CalendarPalm Beach Happening, to name a few.

Magnifique Ballet Intensive is truly an exciting one-of-a-kind dance event for South Florida! It will be 
a wonderful experience for any serious dance student!

JANUARY 12, 2017
Here are some very important Upcoming Dates
  • January 16: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
    No Classes 
  • January 22: Audition for Magnifique Ballet
  • February 11: In- Studio Audition for Swan Lake Spring Performance
  • February 18:  Open House
  • June: 10 & 11: Spring Performance
  • June:Gala
  • July 3 - 8: Maginifique Ballet Intensive
  • June/July:  Summer Intensive and other Classes

The School Calendar has all the important dates for Paris Ballet and Dance, The Paris Ballet Conservatory including upcoming Days Off, Events and Performances, ​and more! 

JANUARY 9, 2017
Congratulations to all of Paris Ballet and Dance dancers, Olivia Colbert, Kiersten Disque, Rocky Hurmemaa, Addison Joslin, Emilie Leyva, Ericca Leyva, Clare Keavy and Maggie Stewart; who competed at Youth America Grand Prix this past weekend in Tampa!

There was a very high caliber competition. Paris Ballet and Dance had very encouraging high scores for every single one of them. They all danced at a very high level, and we are all extremely proud!

Clare Keavy ranked top 12 Classical Pre-Competitive Category, and Rocky Hurmemaa got offered a 100% ​scholarship at the Harid Conservatory. (Both pictured on left.)

JANUARY 4, 2015
Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory will be in Tampa for the Youth America Grand Prix Regional Semi-Finals this January 5 through 8, 2017. Tomorrow is the time when Mr. Feray's eight dancers start to take the stage in heightened competition with other wonderful students throughout the region. 

After the past several months, and these past few week's of intense rehearsals, it is very clear Mr. Feray is very extremely proud of his competitors. Most all he has trained since they started dancing. For the record, Mr. Feray does not believe just any student should compete simply because they want to do so. He
believes a student, must me physically, artistically and emotionally ready. They must be totally committed to the hard work it takes to get to the competition stage of Youth ​American Grand Prix.

Thank you to Idael German for his help coaching. Also, thank you to Kristen Lenihan for choreographing, and coaching three Contemporary solos.

JANUARY 1, 2017
It is officially the new year! Lots of great things are going to happen. Check out the Calendar Page to keep

Right now, the Youth America Grand Prix Regional Semi-Finals begins January 5 in Tampa. Olivia Colbert, Kiersten Disque, Rocky Hurmemaa, Addison Joslin, Emilie Leyva, Ericca Leyva, Clare Keavy and Maggie Stewart have been rehearsing well before, and every day during Winter Break preparing for the competition.

Mr. Feray is very happy with each of them as they have been so committed, and have worked so very hard to ​get to this place in their lives.

DECEMBER 31, 2016
Thank you for a great 2016. Now, here's to a better 2017 full of love, family, friends and of course, great dance!


December 28, 2016
As everyone is enjoying their well earned, and deserved Winter Holiday, Mr. Feray has been working with the dancers preparing for the Youth America Grand Prix Semi-Finals January 5 through 8, 2017. He is very excited for each of the eight, and is very proud about how hard they are working and their dedication, and their outlook on the the competition process.

Mr. Feray has also been preparing dancers for their auditions for both Bak, and Dreyfoos Schools of the 

DECEMBER 23, 2016

May your days be filled with family, friends, great food, and lots of gifts! 
Enjoy Winter Break! 

DECEMBER 21, 2016
  • The last classes of the year are tomorrow (Thursday) December 22.
  • Winter Break starts on the December 23. 
  • Classes will resume in the New Year on January 9, 2017.

During Break: Rehearsals will continue during the break for everyone competing at Youth America Grand Prix. Private classes may be scheduled. 


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