For each production, Paris Ballet and Dance and Paris Ballet Conservatory hosts a Concession Stand. Proceeds will go to Paris Ballet and Dance for the cost of show and Paris Ballet Conservatory.  Parents donate items to be sold. 

Items needed are listed on the in the sign up page. There is a specific list of items we know that sells. These or similar items should be donated. Donate one or multiple items.  
Please note: No gum, mints or crackers please.

Please, purchase the item(s) for which one has signed up and bring it to the studio. One can also order items for which they signed up through Amazon and have it delivered directly to the studio. 

If one prefers to just donate money/cash to help purchase items for sale, that option is also available! 

Please sign up to commit to donating an item here.  You can contact  Suzanne Rothman directly with any questions via email at or by phone: 561-951-3211.

All donations should be at the studio by Friday, December 6.

Donations are truly appreciated.

Best Wishes to Director Jean-Hugues Feray and

Competitors: Sebastain Bondar, Caelan Gagnon, Lily Golish and Devon Luxton
At Youth America Grand Prix Semi-Finals in Winston Salem Starting January 23, 2020!