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Actually, Paris Ballet and Dance has no strict policies about dangerous activities but knows children and teens -- will be children and teens. Though an activity may seem to look fun, it can actually be dangerous and sometimes deadly. 

For dancers, a lot of serious injuries are not caused in a classroom or on the stage. They are usually a result in doing something which is not dance related, at all. Most are silly actions or taking stupid chances. of course, no one can watch them 24 hours a day but we try to “help” children and teens make better decisions. Better said than done, right?

Try to keep in mind that a broken bone can take several months to properly heal. Other injuries can take much longer. Without the proper “rehabilitation and recovery” time, certain injuries can come back to haunt
...AND hurt in later years.

All that is asked is to just think twice before skiing down the advanced slope, skateboarding down the off-ramp of I-95, jumping into a pool from the nearby rooftop, swinging from a rope swing in the near-by canal, texting or talking on the phone while driving, etc.

In all honesty, it can devastating to be seriously injured. To have to tell a dancer that he or she can’t take class, much less, perform a role which, they have been working so long and hard to prepare!
...Can never dance again is horrid.

This is all said out of love -- because we TRULY care about each and every student.

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