BEGINS JULY 15, 2024

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If you don’t feel challenged, it’s because you’re not doing
enough. Ballet should never feel comfortable. Comfortable
is lazy! If you’re comfortable when you dance, you’re
not pushing yourself hard enough. 100% is not enough.
You have to give 200%. One tendu takes years of hard
and will never be perfect. Everything in ballet is a challenge. - George Balanchine

...More great quotes about dance
...Wisdom and truths about dance
(Great reading for both dance students and their parents.)


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Scholarships may be available for boys depending on their age, experience, dedication, commitment, and other qualifications.                                                    ...A word or two about the Boys

Class attendance is required. Participation in Master Classes, and Paris Ballet and Dance approved Summer Programs is strongly encouraged. A student's involvement and adherence to the school's policies are always considered in decisions when casting for performances.

Talent, Commitment, Hard Work, Desire and Dedication ​Deserve Great Training! 

Ballet dancers excel in all other dance forms because of the solid ballet technique they have been taught. With a proven reputation for quality and professionalism, Paris Ballet and Dance's focus is on Classical Ballet technique while offering Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, and Tap for the well-rounded dance student
…Especially one looking for a professional career. 

Additionally, it has long been proven that students who are involved in the arts also do better in academic studies while bolstering their self-esteem and confidence. 

Performing is an important part of a dance student's education. Besides the annual end-of-the-year Spring Performance, students at Paris Ballet and Dance also have the privilege to perform INCLUDING in the professional-style full-length production of The Nutcracker. Performing in these shows allows the invaluable experience of rehearsing alongside and performing with incredibly talented guest artists! Some students may even be privileged to be chosen for other performance opportunities!

​Paris Ballet and Dance is also affiliated with the Joffrey Ballet School's Outreach and Education Program. Only a few schools in each state are picked to participate. This also allows student to be seen and possibly be chosen for one of many Joffrey Ballet School's International Summer Programs.

Paris Ballet and Dance's Conservatory day program offers ELITE AND ACCELERATED training for the serious student preparing for a professional career in dance!
Company Advanced Training Programoffers advanced training for serious students who may want to use their dance education to get into colleges or universities, and/or preparing for a professional career in dance! 

Paris Ballet and Dance also offers classes for adults and older teens looking to enhance their lives through the art of dance. Dance is a great form of exercise to increase strength and improve agility and balance!

​From toddlers to pre-professionals, classes are offered for all ages and levels. Paris Ballet and Dance also offers two highly specialized courses in the summer. Director Jean-Hugues Feray and his staff at Paris Ballet and Dance make sure all students are well evaluated and constantly monitored to ensure they are placed in the proper levels according their own ability and physical capabilities.