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for entrance to
Magnifique International
Ballet Winter Intensive,
​Paris Ballet Conservatory,
Ensemble Advanced Training Program

​Entrance to the Paris Ballet and Dance
regular program does not
require prospective students to go through
an audition process. There are no long-term
contracts to sign - no hidden fees, or weight requirements. ​
​Registration, and a class for the proper
placement by the Director or one of the highly experienced teachers are all that is needed. 
Paris Ballet and Dance is happy to accepts
​new students all year long.




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Talent, Commitment, Hard Work, Desire and Dedication Deserve Great Training!​



Information about auditioning for The conservatory and Ensemble Advanced Training Program

The Paris Ballet Conservatory, and Ensemble Advanced Training Program are two different divisions accepting both female and male dancers, age eleven and up.
Girls will need to already have a strong level on Pointe. 10 year old students may be considered if their level is warranted. These programs are only for serious and totally committed students who have a ​strong desire, ​completely dedicated, and are willing to work very hard. Students in these programs are absolutely required to attend ALL classes and rehearsals with no exceptions! 

* The Paris Ballet Conservatory is a daytime program for Home or Virtual Schooled students only.
Students MUST maintain a certain grade level -- at all times! Students attending the Conservatory ​will be treated as if they were in a professional company in order to properly prepare them for the disciple, rigors and joys of their future.                                                                                                                            ...The Conservatory

2018 | 2019 will be an amazing new season for the Conservatory dancers who's goal is to become professional. Olivier Pardina will remain on staff and will be assisting Director Mr. Feray in different areas. A generous donation to the Conservatory is going to allow more Master Teachers to the Conservatory, inlcuding Yumelia Garcia, Abigail Simon AND invitations to teachers from the Paris Opera Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and San Francisco Ballet.

The Conservatory is only for students in grades 7 and up and who are home schooled and Florida Virtual School students ONLY!

* The Ensemble Advanced Training Program
 is for serious students, and is also an excellent opportunity for students who want to use their dance experience to gain college admissions. Students attending the Ensemble Advanced Training Program will also be treated as if they were in a professional company in order to properly prepare them for the discipline, rigors and joys of whatever their future may hold.                                                            ...Ensemble Advanced Training Program

Depending on their levels, regular students at Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory, and Ensemble are also required to audition for yearly performances. Director Jean-Hugues Feray has most auditions often adjudicated by non-staff members of the dance community.

  • The Conservatory, and The Ensemble Advanced Training Program students may also have the opportunitherety of extra performances. 
  • The Paris Ballet Conservatory, and The Ensemble Advanced Training Program Program may also have special guest Master Teachers. These guest teachers will include dancers and educators from The Paris Opera Ballet. Other great Master Teachers will be scheduled.
  • Attendance or ALL classes and rehearsals is mandatory 
  • Decision(s) resulting from any audition will not be discussed by the director, judges or staff with anyone -- at any time! 

Entrance to these programs are by audition only. Though it is preferred and highly recommended to attend the actual auditions, video auditions may be submitted (when pre-arranged) if one can not make the audition date.

Scholarships may be available for boys depending on their age, experience, dedication, commitment, and ​other qualifications.
                 ...About the Boys

BE ON TIME - if not EARLY!Magnifique International Ballet Winter Intensive Audition

​Audition Requirements:
Photographs: Headshot and Arabesque
Girls: Pink tights, black leotard, both technique and pointe shoes, hair in neat high bun
Boys: Black tights, white fitted T-shirt (tucked in), proper dance belt, black shoes, neat hair​
Please note: The parking garage at the Kravis Center can be a little hectic, especially when if are events, performances, or other activities.
Also. along with the train crossing schedule(s), bridge openings, and downtown traffic, it is very important to plan traveling time accordingly.

Warm up clothes, sweats, etc. are NOT allowed in the audition room. A water bottle is acceptable.
Students are required to leave their areas neat and completely clean when they leave!
Wear a COMPLETE cover-up in the garage, and when entering and leaving the building.
Do NOT bring anything valuable. Paris Ballet and/or the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts are NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

​Paris Ballet and Dance, Paris Ballet Conservatory, and The Ensemble Advanced Training Programs work very hard bringing the best possible programs to South Florida for serious dedicated, hard working and talented dancers. Director Mr. Feray and Staff look forward to help them achieve their dreams
...While being giving back to the community by sharing the magnificent art of ballet.