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Here are a few testimonials from parents, students and people and the school, classes, intensives and who have seen productions of Paris Ballet and Dance!

"If you are looking for the best, professional level ballet training, then you are at the right place no matter the age! My daughter has been with Mr. Jean-Hughes Feray since he opened the studio. She has evolved into an incredible dancer and at 12 years old is performing professional level and quality roles. I can't say enough about how incredible the training is, the exposure the kids receive with international professionals coming in to teach them, and the experiences they receive when performing.

"Over the past few years the number of boys attending Paris Ballet & Dance has largely increased and my 2 boys now attend. They love the "Little Men's" class where they get to learn jumps, tours, etc. They are having a great time while learning classical ballet instruction.

Paris Ballet & Dance is an incredible place and I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else!" - C.K.

"Can’t highly recommend this studio enough, professional, friendly and great with my daughters. I feel like my 3 girls are privileged to have wonderful teachers and technique training and enjoy themselves. We wrote a review while at rehearsal today and now the girls are wanting to add to the reviews now since we are home from a great rehearsal day." - J.P.

"I just wanted to share my exceptional dance class experience for our 3 year old daughter who is shy. She loves to dance to music!!!! She was so excited to dance and made such cute little friends in the trial class. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with the instructor and the parents of the other students for class. I have been hesitant to sign her up for dance because she is a shy child and attached to me. It was so nice to finally find a studio where the instructor was able to finally make ballet fun and felt comfortable. This made me feel confident that this is the dance studio for us!!!!!! We have signed up and look forward to being apart of this dance studio. Who knows she may be the next Sugar Plum ONE day!!!!!!" - S.J.S.

"An amazing PROFESSIONAL School ran by a former international Professional Ballet Dancer. The performances are incredible, truly like watching professional productions, Paris Ballet offers exquisite training and is of the highest caliber. I highly recommend this school." - S.C.

"Paris Ballet and Dance, what a gem I have found. From the fun to the wonderful environment my daughter experiences while getting the best tuition I could wish for. The passion and expertise from everyone involved at this studio is inspirational and I love our time here. The Director of the school Mr. Jean Feray has such a hands on approach and is the finesse to this professional and wonderful studio. The quality and talent of all the students and teachers is something I would not find anywhere else, I would highly recommend it." - R.K

"We love Paris Ballet and Dance! Our daughter has been going there for years and is developing into a beautiful dancer. Mr. Jean Hugues Feray is very passionate about his students and his productions are excellent!" - M.B.

"Love Paris Ballet & Dance and Mr. Jean-Hughes Feray. This is a top notch school that teaches amazing technique, producing amazing results. Mr. Jean is also a very sweet, kind person that cares for his students and their success!" - A.S.F

"Paris Ballet & Dance and Mr. Jean-Hughes Feray are top notch! His school teaches amazing technique, producing fantastic results. Mr. Jean is a very sweet, kind person that cares for his students and their success!" - L.F.

"Paris Ballet has been an incredible school for our daughters. We learned about Paris through word of mouth recommendations when we arrived to Jupiter 5 years ago. Jean-Hugues Feray and his staff teach the students with total professionalism and they help the dancers to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. The dancers can choose to take their paths with the art of dance as far as they desire - Jean-Hugues’ program allows them to pursue a pre-professional track; others may choose to dance as a pure hobby, which is totally supported too!

Jean-Hugues worked with our oldest when she wanted to audition for Bak and thanks to his solid preparation, she was accepted. Unfortunately, we needed to move due to work reasons - we’re now in a big city with a professional dance company and an associated school. Our daughters auditioned and both got in! We give all of the credit to the training the girls received from Jean-Hugues and his staff. If you have any doubts, attend one of the school’s performances to understand the caliber of dance. The dancers are mesmerizing, and one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen is the expression on Jean-Hugues face as he watches his students dance. He truly loves each and everyone of his students. They feel that and it encourages them to believe in their dreams. I could not recommend this school more - it’s a true gift to the Jupiter community." -  S.C.A.

"Paris Ballet and Dance is an excellent studio for ballet training. The instructors truly love the kids and their experience and expertise cannot be beat. I am so incredibly happy that my daughter trains here." S.R.B.L.|

About Magnifique Ballet Intensive: “My Girl is loving every minute! Thank-you” - R.S.

About Magnifique Ballet Intensive: “Enjoyed being able to see the 'fruits of their labor' this afternoon. Thank you for everyone's hard work mixed with layers of fun.” - J.F.

About Magnifique Ballet Intensive: “Great intensive! Thank you!” - C.B.

About Magnifique Ballet Intensive: “My heart is full. I have no other words... but tears perhaps. What you have given to my son in 12 months is nothing short of miraculous. Thank Yous seem insigificant but about all my mom tears of joy can handle. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Can't imagine my son having a better ballet experience anywhere else. So extremely grateful...... for all the teachers, for all the experience, for all the love.” - J.L.

About Magnifique Ballet Intensive: “Many successes are deserved by all efforts and dedication.” I.R.

​"The experiences of our children and the people that surround them, like the ones we had ourselves growing up, contribute piece by piece to the person they will one day grow up to be. Though we are born with talents and personalities both inherited and gained from our families, in many ways it is our experiences that truly shape us. Our family is so grateful for the teachers, friends, families, and community that we have found in Paris Ballet. What an amazing weekend it was, and another opportunity to see each of our children push themselves and discover that they can achieve anything they work hard for, all the while knowing they will always be supported and loved by their families and their dance community. Thank, Mr. Jean-Hughes, for your vision that moves it all forward, to your staff and all the fellow parents and volunteers for making it happen, and congratulations to all the dancers on a fantastic weekend of performance and inspiration." - J.N.

"Every performance season fills me with awe and gratitude for everyone at Paris Ballet. Jean-Hugues, your big heart fuels the whole endeavor. Your staff and volunteers are super-powered. Thank you for pushing my kids to improve, for patching them up when they fail, for treating them as if they were your own. I'm indebted to you all! These are golden days." - R.G.M.

"Your program is amazing I have been watching my granddaughters grow each year and all the dancers! Each performance better than the one before! I too sit in the audience with tears rolling down my cheeks with so much pride and amazement watching the girls dance! They have so much love for dance and that in most part is because of you and your program! Thank you for your Time and dedication to all the dancers you do a fabulous job and I look forward to each and every performance!" - K.C.G.

"Congratulations on a job/performances well done for another year. Performances were beautiful and emotional and fun." - J.R.F.

​"Your performance at the Kravis Center was amazing! My young son thinks he might want to take ballet now. This looks like the place he should be." - G.G.

"I attended the performance at The Kravis Center on October 1, 2016. BRAVO Paris Ballet and Dance!" - R.B.

“My 12 year old son wanted to take ballet after seeing the musical, Billy Elliot. This is the first place I knew to take a young impressionistic young man, a middle schooler...... full of insecurity and self-criticism. He has just finished is first week, after a summer of private lessons with Mr. Jean, and is thrilled to have finally found his "thing." He was welcomed and encouraged by all his teachers, and was encouraged (even after a few private tears with mom) and is ready to start his second week. THANKS for a great first experience for my son!” - J.L.

"Thank you for teaching my granddaughter great classes, and about responsibility, accountability and commitment" - K.C.

"Fabulous facility. My daughter doesn't want to wait until next week for her class. We are honored to be here!" - J.E.R.

“This is an extraordinary dance program! Mr. Jean Hugues Feray is very passionate about his students and it shows! My daughter has been going there for years and she loves the staff and her fellow classmates. She is getting excellent training and a great foundation!” - M.B.

"Paris Ballet and Dance is truly a great school. Mr. Feray and his entire staff are very passionate, extremely qualified, knowledgeable, caring, and encouraging. I love the fact when concerning productions, everyone has a chance to perform in their high quality shows. I also love that during class, rehearsals, and in performances, students get to work with seasoned, experienced and well-rounded professionals! My niece very happy there, and improves every day as a young dancer. She is in very capable and competent hands. Thank you Mr. Feray for bringing the 'French ideals' of dance to South Florida!" - J.J.

"I took my little daughter to see The Nutcracker and Cinderella. I was impressed with the quality of dance, and production values. When my daughter is old enough and ready, Paris Ballet and Dance is where she will be attending." - J.W.

"I have lots of nieces and nephews. I go to a lot of events for them. To be honest, it's like pulling teeth without novocain. However, I must say your performances of The Nutcracker and Cinderella were exceptional. I really enjoyed them. Your students looked well-trained, and were very well-rehearsed!" - T.J.

"Cinderella was so magical." - S.M.

"I brought my daughter from another school and glad I did. Her technique has improved incredibly. She is also very happy to see the results." - A.C.

“Happy to be a part of this great school, the girls love it...” - Y.L.

“I love everyone here amazing training and lovely people. Nothing more to ask for!” - P.P.

“Great teachers and staff!” - Y.K.

"Loved The Nutcracker! It was much more exciting the the others we have seen. I am going to make it an annual tradition for the family." - A.G.

​“My daughter Shayna Mayes and I had the pleasure of meeting Gillian Yoder and her instructor Mr Feray at YAGP in Tampa this past weekend. What a class act. Gillian was so friendly and humble and kind to my daughter. Shayna had a great time this past weekend dancing and learning. Special thank you to Mr. Feray for helping my daughter backstage! Over the top kind of you. If we lived closer we would be looking to join Paris Ballet!!...” D.M.