The Spring Performances Series
BOTH PRODUCTIONS at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts  -- ON SALE -- NOW!
May 19, 2024 at The RInker Playhouse        June 2, 2024 at Dreyfoos Hall

Rehearsals  |  Costume Fittings  |  At the Theatre  |  Ticketing and Theatre Etiquette

​​​​Students at Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory have the wonderful opportunity to perform in two major productions a year including the exciting full-length holiday classic, The Nutcracker. In these incredibly "professional-style" productions, they are extremely fortunate to work with and often coached by talented , and highly experienced professional guest artists. This is simply not offered by most dance schools!

Performances are also a valuable learning experience. Students may also be able to perform at various events and openings throughout the area. However, it is very important for everyone to remember that it is a privilege to be on the stage -- not an entitlement.

In order to participate, a Performer Fee* must be paid, along with a signed “Commitment Letter which states that the student will attend and participate in  ALL scheduled rehearsals, ALL costume fittings, ALL run-thrus, ALL theatre rehearsals and ALL performances. It must be signed by BOTH the parents AND the student. It is considered a contract! Paris Ballet and Dance, and Paris Ballet Conservatory take this commitment -- very seriously.

The Director sets rehearsal start and release times which are non-negotiable. Students who are absent from ANY rehearsal and/or costume fitting may be removed from a production. Though Paris Ballet and Dance does everything in it's power to be on-time, rehearsals often run over. It is always best to be mentally prepared for this -- it happens.

Rehearsals absolutely come first. A student and their family must plan around them when considering outside activities, out of town weekends away, parties, school dances, proms, homecoming, attending sporting events, concerts and family gatherings, etc. (It is okay, and perfectly acceptable to tell a party or event host, one will be late due to a -- prior commitment!)

Students are required to not only learn choreography and staging but remember it for the next rehearsal, as well. It is always a good idea for them to go over it all a few times before the next rehearsal.

A student who was sick and could not attend, they are are absolutely required to get together with others to learn and completely know choreography before the next rehearsal.

If a student is unable to participate or does not wish to perform, they continue as usual with regular classes.

All casting for productions is done with extreme care, thought and consideration for both the individual performer and the overall presentation of the production, and may be subject to change at any time.

​Director Mr. Feray's decisions are final. Casting is never discussed by Director Jean-Hugues Feray or any staff member with parents. 

*There is a separate Performer Fee (non-refundable) for both The Nutcracker, and The Spring Performance. These fees help cover costumes and cleaning, theatre rental, theatre crew, all rehearsals, and other associated production costs. A student is not required to purchase expensive costumes from the studio which they will never use again. The costume "rental" is covered in part by the Performer Fee. They are however are required to supply their own tights, leotards and shoes for any performance.