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• Like rehearsals: Costume fittings are MANDATORY – NEVER AN OPTION!

• Like rehearsals: Be ON-TIME.
When one is late for a costume fitting, it makes everyone after them to wait.

Paris Ballet and Dance is very fortunate to have parent volunteers as seamstresses. They generously volunteer incredible talents and their time. They do NOT get paid for it. They do it freely -- for YOU!
Treat them with the utmost respect.

Costumes are very expensive! Some costumes used for Paris Ballet and Dance productions can cost over $2000.00
• Take care of and treat the costumes with respect.

• Never – EVER --sit on the floor while in costumes.

• Never – EVER eat or smoke while in costume.

Paris Ballet and Dance only charges a Performance Fee,  Unlike most schools, who ALSO can charge a show fee but they also SELL their students performance costumes., Paris Ballet and Dance dose  NOT sell costumes to their students for performances. Other schools can charge up to $200 -- per-costume -- and students may perform in three or four roles, per-show. Also, in other schools, a student may be required to purchase different shoes, as well. It can get very costly.

Again, take care of the costumes!

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