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Paris Ballet and Dance is not only concerned about putting on a great product but is also concerned about safety and order.

• ALL dancers and performers are the check-in at the assigned time when they arrive.
They are also to check-out when they leave. No one can leave “early.” EVERYONE is to follow the check-out procedure. NO EXCEPTIONS!

• No one is ever allowed backstage except for registered volunteers.

• No one is allowed in the theatre during rehearsals.
Luckily there is plenty to do and places to go near the theatre while waiting.

• Once younger students are dropped off and checked in at stage door, they will be assisted to
  assigned area by a volunteer.
When students have been dropped off, there will be no need for parents to go back to dressing areas (NO EXCEPTIONS). There are volunteers to assist and monitor children during this time.

• There is no reason to send snacks or food, especially during shows.
Please, feed children a proper meal before they arrive.
However, DO send them with a few bottles of water.

• Do not ask guests to come backstage before the show, during intermission or after the show.

• Meet your guests at the stage door AFTER the show.

• Never ask a guest to come inside a dressing room.
Even though you might be comfortable with it, others are NOT. Please, do not place your dressing room mates in an awkward situation by even asking them if it is all right. It’s NOT!
No one is allowed backstage anyway!

• Make -up is required to be worn by ALL performers -- BOTH male and female!
Never ask, “Do I have to wear make-up?” It’s unprofessional
...And the answer will always be a definite, “YES!”
Unless otherwise posted, FULL make-up, costumes, head pieces are to be worn during all Dress-Tech or a Full Dress Rehearsals.

• Come prepared.
Being prepared means having your own: Make-up, make-up remover, false eye lashes, eye lash glue, hair spray, gel, bobby pins, extra tights, leotards, dance belts, shoes, socks, towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, etc. If you don’t know what you need, ask.

If you’re a boy and want a career on the stage, get used to buying and wearing make-up NOW!

• Do not bring anything of value to the theatre.

• While backstage, a performer’s sole priority is to get ready for the performance both physically and mentally AND Remember: It is not all about “you.”

• NO music in the dressing rooms after hour call.

Starting at hour call, the use of cell phones, iPods, laptops and/or any other electronic devices backstage or in the dressing rooms during rehearsals or performances is strictly forbidden. If a student is found using one, the item will be confiscated until the student leaves for home.

• No roaming in the halls.

• No screaming, yelling, singing in dressing rooms or the hallways.

• If taking pictures in the dressing room, be polite and make sure have everyone know and has given their permission and that everyone knows it -- and are properly covered.

• Do not tape anything to the dressing room walls or doors.

• Do not write on the mirrors.

• Keep dressings rooms neat and orderly – at all times.
If the garbage becomes full, ask for it to get emptied or do it yourself!

• No eating or drinking in the dressing rooms.

• Be ready to go – at all times.
Never have someone search for you.

• Costumes and headpieces are to be PROPERLY hung up DIRECTLY after use.
Do not wait until later and NEVER leave a costume on the floor or balled up in a chair!

• No eating, drinking or smoking while in costume.
Water is acceptable.

• Never sit on the floor while in costume -- EVER!

Please, do not look at an adult or person in charge like they are from another planet or talking another language when they ask you to get off the floor while you are in costume .

• Do not stand/sit in the wings to “watch the show.”
If you are not directly going on stage, stay in the hall or dressing room.

• It is a performer’s personal responsibility to check their own personal props -- at least twice -- BEFORE the show starts. 

• Do not touch props or scenery.
If you do not personally wear it or use it on stage – do not touch it!

• Do not hang on lighting equipment.

• Do not stand in front to the lights.

• Do not talk backstage during rehearsals and performances.

• Do not leave warmers and sweaters ON THE FLOOR backstage. 

• Do not bring cups of water or food backstage.
Water bottles with lids/caps are all right BUT never, leave them open and/or on the floor. Take them back to the dressing room or put them in the garbage when you are finished.

• Treat backstage help and stage hands with the utmost respect.
The show cannot happen without them. Remember: They have their own jobs to do. They are neither personal maids nor servants.

• Always be kind and patient. Be helpful and supportive of each other.

• Save the diva and attitudes for some place else.
Actually, LOSE the diva and attitudes.They do not impress anyone, anyway.

• ALWAYS leave the dressing room cleaner and neater then you found it.
(Hint: If you constantly clean up after yourself. The easier it is at the end.)

During show days: No one can leave the dressing room until it is neat and ALL costumes and head pieces are properly hung up.
After the last show: No one can leave the theatre until the dressing room is neat, the trash and hair pins, etc. are picked up off the floor AND the counters are wiped clean!

• After the performance, the students will be dismissed by levels (starting with the youngest level).
They also must be checked out individually at the backstage desk.

• All students are to remain in designated areas until they are dismissed from dressing rooms.

• Do NOT crowd around the backstage door. Leave several feet of space.

ESPECIALLY for the Little ones:
• Please have hair in a bun.
If a parent is not sure how to do it, then please send the child with hair down and make sure they send supplies (brush, pins, gel AND spray) for volunteers to assist with hair accordingly. 

• Make-up must be sent in bags for the volunteers to assist with make-up.
No one is to “borrow” other people’s make-up ESPECIALLY on children.

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