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• Proper Cover-up for entering and leaving the building AND being seen in public  (As stated in Policies). It is
totally unprofessional to appear in pubic wearing only a leotard and tights no matter the age. Street shoes should be 
used to enter and exit as well!

• Leotards (Extras - labeled with name)

• Tights (Extras - labeled with name)

• All Shoes for ALL Classes (Labeled with name.) As stated above ALL students should wear a clean and neat COMPLETE Cover-Up while walking from the cat to the front door of the studio or the stage door. Dance wear should NEVER be worn public places such a supermarkets, stores, restaurants, etc. It shows respect for their art and the studio.

• Proper Dance Belt (For the boys - Extras - Labeled with name)

• Extra T-Shirts (For the boys - labeled with name, Pack some extras)

• Leg Warmers/Sweats (When allowed - labeled with name)

• Light Sweater (When allowed and in case of a chill - Labeled with name)

• Products for proper hair: Brush, bobby pins, elastic ties, hair net, hair spray, gel (Boys will need most of this, as well.)

• Socks (If needed/allowed - labeled with name)

• Toe pads, Lambs wool, etc.

• Toe Tape

• Lighter (For frayed ribbons and such)

• Band Aids (Assorted sizes)

• Ace Bandage(s)

• Clean Under Garments

• Antibiotic Ointment & Antiseptic Wipes

• Muscle Analgesic Creme

• Nail Clippers

• Feminine Hygiene Products

• Sewing Kit (With a small scissors for shoe ribbons, elastics and quick wardrobe repairs - include pink, black and white thread)

• Plastic Bag (For wet/dirty dance clothes)

• Net Bag(s) - For shoes (It is always important to carry all one's shoes used in all classes - at all times.) 

• Make-up (Always look one's best AND be ready for the unannounced Press/Photographer, auditions, guest teachers and choreographers.)

• Water Bottle (Clean it at least every two days) 

• Protein Bar/Healthy Snacks

• Bar Soap

• Clean Towels (Hand size AND Bath size)

• Deodorant

• Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

• Breath Mints (Especially important for pas de deux class) 

• Notebook and Pen (For rehearsal and class notes, and information)

• Homework and Reading Material (For in between classes or rehearsals. Time management is important so, use time wisely.)

• It is very important to keep a dance bag orderly
It is also of the utmost importance to clean out a dance bag on a regular basis
...BEFORE it becomes a science project.
• If an items left behind it is placed in the "Lost and Found" box near the School office. No matter when something is lost, after a month, everything gets thrown away. Make sure everything is labeled!

If a student ever needs pain remedies such as Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil or Aleve, it is imperative to make sure it is packed in their dance bag, as well. Also supply the school office with a note form a parent or legal guardian granting permission for the child to take it.
This includes other medications including those used for used for asthma, diabetes, etc.

​It is unlawful for the school to distribute any type of medication to a minor without written permission from
their parent(s) or legal guardian.

Basically, a dancer needs to be responsible for their own "survival." Self-sufficiency and independence
is vital and should start being instilled at a young age. They must learn as they get older, mommy and daddy
​will not always be there to "save" them.

Labeling is very important!  It is almost impossible to tell who's shoes belongs to whom when everyone wears
the same colors!

​For example:
Besides pac
king their own bags, it is very important for a student to know how to sew their own shoes, and
use a lighter to burn the frays off their ribbons. If they get hungry, they will have to pack a healthy snack.
Students need learn to make sure they ​have everything they need. Though often a hard or harsh lesson,
and sometimes embarrassing, they must also learn the consequences of not being being ​properly prepared. 

It is a waste of time and a complete lack of disrespect AND responsibility for a dance student to show
up ​for class without the right shoes, proper attire, hair products or anything else required for their daily classes.
​Students MUST have the right "tools" at all times.
Yes, it's that important!

Listing of School Policies

Here's a highly recommended list for the properly stocked and packed dance bag. It is VERY important for older students to have these items
...Or most, when starting at a younger age.

A male or female dancer needs to be prepared for anything. It is highly unprofessional and disrespectful to show up for classes and/rehearsals without the items one needs to "work.