Best Wishes to Director Jean-Hugues Feray and

Competitors: Sebastain Bondar, Caelan Gagnon, Lily Golish and Devon Luxton
At Youth America Grand Prix Semi-Finals in Winston Salem Starting January 23, 2020!

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Paris Ballet and Dance 

The Joffrey Ballet School  

Ballet Foundation 

Ballet: Love, Photos and Videos  

Boys of Ballet 

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Bad Boys of Ballet  

Ballet Needs More Boys


Dancers over 40  
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Gene Schiavone (Dance Photographer)

Gramilano - Ballet, Opera, Photography

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News, Magazine and Online

World of Dance Magazine 

Dance Magazine 

Pointe Magazine 

Dance Spirit Magazine 

Dance Informa 

Danse Track  

Arts Journal

New York Times Dance Section
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Huffington Post Dance Section
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Dance News UK


​Dance Studio Life  


Auditions and Jobs (Website)

Steven Caras
​(Photographer, Speaker, Documentarian)

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